Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Favors

Just thought I'd share some simple Valentine favors I made for a recent Valentine's Day party we hosted.
I've made recycled crayons before (click here for my tutorial), but I was recently inspired by an old high school friend to make these heart shaped ones.

I used a silicone mold, which made for easy removal and clean-up.

I added a few chocolate kisses and a little tag to a baggie and voila! a little party favor full of love. :)

Another idea for an easy homemade Valentine would be to package some chocolate scented playdough in a small toss away container and attach a little heart shaped cookie cutter to the tag.

UPDATED: I just did a quick search in my Reader and saw that Frugal Family Fun made some crayon favors last month. Take a look at Valerie's link to see the adorable packaging she created for favors!

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  1. Last year, I used a similar mold from the target dollar section and it melted in my oven, like butter! Turns out it was for shaped icecubes, not the oven!

  2. There is such a wealth of information here... thanks so much for sharing. My delicious site is clogged with coconuts today !

  3. We have done this 2 times and we loved it!! Had a ton of fun with it!! The kids love using the crayons! They are almost done with the last ones we made "stars" so before long it will be time for #3!! Hope you had as much fun as we did!! XOXO

  4. cute!! I love making crayons!

  5. such a great idea, I was wondering what to do for Valentines day. My kiddos has lots of food allergies, dairy, eggs, and nuts. So it is hard to find something to give out when I know he cannot have it.
    Thanks again looove your website

  6. I did these last year with my boys. They are awesome. We then attached them to a simple picture to color of the internet. Happy Valentines Day!

    I am definitely going to try the scented playdough.

  7. They make the best favors ever. I think I get just as excited as E when I see them in a favor bag! Great job! Kerri

  8. Just wanted to say hi! I LOVE your blog and found it right before we made a big move from Hawaii to mainland USA, I am just starting to get back into the blogging world again after a long break, but wanted to let you know I have linked to your blog several times and love all your ideas. Thank you so much for sharing them!

  9. These look great! I should have bought those ice trays when I saw them at Target.

  10. Thanks to you, all the kids in my son's class are coloring with little hearts! Thank you for the idea!

  11. i have made these heart crayons and with a little color sheet that has a world on it and says "color the world with love."


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