Sunday, July 31, 2011

Montessori At Home! Giveaway WINNER

A huge thanks to all who entered the Montessori At Home! giveaway this week - there were 659 entries!

The winner is Samantha Lee, who wrote:
"Montessori At Home looks like an awesome resource to have. I love the penny extensions to the math exercises. Thanks for this opportunity!"

Congratulations, Samantha Lee, please email me at with your contact details.

To all the rest of you I'm excited to announce that John Bowman, author of Montessori At Home!, is offering a huge discount to Counting Coconuts readers. For the entire month of August, you can purchase his e-book for only $5.95 (that's a $2 savings!!) by clicking the button below!

Buy Now

Or, if you'd like something to hold in your hands, John offers a paperback version (under the title Help Your Preschooler Build A Better Brain) for just $9.95! Such a great deal either way!


  1. What an amazing deal. It's so nice to be able to get such a fantastic Montessori resource at such a great price.

  2. Thank you Mari-Ann! Even though I didn't win, the discount is a good gift. Once again from Malaysia "TERIMA KASIH" (Thank you)

  3. Thanks again for the opportunity! I had to get the book. :-)

  4. This is a bargain offer! I feel like I won something too! Thanks xx

  5. Congratulations Samantha! and a huge thanks for the discount. Already bought and downloaded. :-)

  6. Thanks for this great offer! How do you order the paperback copy? Is there a different link?

  7. Hi Danielle, I'm sure you would have figured this out on your own, but you can purchase the paperback directly on the Montessori At Home website (which I linked to in this post). You could also just Google 'Montessori At Home'. :)


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