Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Self Serve

It was just a little too quiet.

And it was 7:15am. Surely James couldn't have slept in that late (yes, that would be sleeping in for him).

As I lay in bed I quickly racked my brain to recall that we closed all the pertinent doors (bathroom, office) before going to sleep last night.

I flipped on the video monitor. Kid's bed was sans kid.

I got up, walked down the hall to the kitchen and I could hear a little voice counting. Well that's harmless, I thought. Then I saw this...Hmmm.

Then I saw this in the adjacent room...
James had helped himself to emptying out the fridge.

He was so proud of his work that he happily showed me what he did. AND that he was using all of it to count. Guess he thought Tot School should've started a bit earlier that day!

I didn't get upset with him, but we did have a little chat about how things that are in the fridge need to STAY in the fridge. :)


Debbie said...

Oh how funny! That sounds like something Selena would do.

Atleast he was doing something constructive with everything he got from the fridge!

Jen said...

OMG so cute!!!

Cara said...

So cute, but I'm glad he didn't make a huge mess, other than emptying your fridge! My guy is still in a crib, but we're dreading the day when he moves to a bed....he's NOT the type to stay put, so I'm envisioning similar scenarios at my house sometime in the near future!


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