Friday, March 23, 2012

Birthday Calendar Cards

I kinda went a little crazy making calendar cards one night :D - they're just so fun and easy to put together, I can't help myself!

Anyway, here's the birthday themed set that will be on our calendar next month...
Click here to download

Keep in mind that I format these myself, so they're not perfect, but they'll certainly get the job done. : ) Also, as with all of my printables, these are for your personal use only - please do not sell or offer them in a giveaway. Thank you and enjoy!

~Thank you for your comments!~


Sippy Cup Central said...

HI, Hope you are well...I am back blogging. We hope you have a great birthday month. Making bibs this week and I have not forgotten you.
Sippy Cup Central

Heather said...

Thanks for these cute calendar cards. My children just love their birthdays and they will adore these.

There seems to be a problem when I click on the downloading page because it shows all the pictures in the middle of the boxes on the lines. Maybe it's just me.

AnnCP said...

Thanks for allowing me and others to pin your ideas on Pinterest! Your ideas are fabulous! My kids are grown, and now I have 15 grandchildren. I will be incorporating some of your ideas for when grandkids (the younger ones) come visiting, or I go to see them. Cheers to you.

Counting Coconuts said...

Thank you all for your kind comments - they're so nice to see!

@Heather: special thanks to you for letting me know about the document!! I fixed it and all is well now. : )

sharisue said...

What do you do with the birthday cards?

Heather said...

Thanks for fixing them! My daughter's birthday is next month and she will love using these to celebrate! BTW, I see that your son was born on 4-11-07 and I have a daughter that was born just 8 days later on 4-19-07 and then you have a daughter that was born on 8-22-11 and I have a dauther that was born a month later on 9-22-11. I think it's neat to know that our children are pretty much the same age. I also have a daughter that was born in '03 and a son that was born in '09. I LOVE your site and have gained so many useful tools from here. Thanks for sharing things and thanks for taking the time to post!


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