Sunday, November 4, 2012

Calendar Cards: Thanksgiving

Later this month we'll be celebrating the American holiday, Thanksgiving, so I made these calendar cards with that in mind.  As requested, I'm making these available to all of you. :)

Click here to download

Please keep in mind that I format these myself, so they're not perfect, but they'll certainly get the job done. : ) Also, as with all of my printables, these are for your personal use only - please do not sell or offer them in a giveaway. Thank you and enjoy!

~Thank you for your comments!~


Matt and Lauren said...

I love your site!! These are great calendar pieces. I am always looking for things to inhance my child care, and am now bookmarking your site.

Thanks for all of the great ideas!


Schaefer Clan said...

Hi! Just found your blog- it's great! Our oldest is about the same age (May 1st). Anyhow, we will be starting homeschool next year :-) I had a few questions about your classroom. Were those bookshelves of the different subjects from Montessori? Waldorf? Why did you say they were out of order?


Counting Coconuts said...

Schaefer Clan: yes, the bookshelves are organized by subject based on the Montessori philosophy. I believe my comment about them being out of order had to do with the fact that the subjects are typically arranged differently (more spread out) in a traditional Montessori classroom.

Rebecca said...

I love all your calendar cards and was just wondering if you plan to make a 2013 version of your November/Thanksgiving calendar cards. Thanks!


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