Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Real Good Deal they say in Minnesota. In the Land of 10k Lakes a good deal ranks right up there with hot dish and duct tape. And oh man would I make my dad proud with this deal I found on E-moo* the other day.

9 - count 'em nine - wooden puzzles (2 of which are 4 puzzles in one!) for a mere $25 dollars. And (wait for it...) the basket came with them! You must appreciate how good a deal this is; in Bermuda ONE of these Melissa & Doug puzzles is easily $20-$30. So this was basically 9 for the price of 1. Hellooo!!James LOVES puzzles and seeing as we already had a bunch of our own prior to my thrifty purchase, I was glad to take this opportunity to have some fun: I used said *free* basket and put all of James' puzzles in it and then separated all the puzzle pieces and put them in individual Ziplocs. Then I numbered each puzzle and each corresponding bag of pieces. Makes finding the matching set much easier and bonus - it's a tricksy way of teaching James concepts. :)

*E-moo is Bermuda's online classifieds. You can buy or sell almost anything for an excellent price. Since there are always ex-pats coming and going there's tons of nearly new stuff - usually stuff you can't otherwise find in Bermuda - available for purchase. I heart E-moo.

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