Saturday, September 29, 2012

Calendar Cards: Halloween

I can't believe October is upon us!  I made these new Halloween themed calendar cards for our classroom calendar.  Thought maybe your little spooky cuties would enjoy them, too!

Click here to download

Please keep in mind that I format these myself, so they're not perfect, but they'll certainly get the job done. : ) Also, as with all of my printables, these are for your personal use only - please do not sell or offer them in a giveaway. Thank you and enjoy!
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Getting Ready for Mickey! - Part 4

I've been having so much fun making things in preparation for our trip to Disney World this fall. I'm reeaaallllyy excited about this trip and even though I know it'll be an amazing time without my help, I'm doing what I can to add a little extra magic here and there!

~Final Countdown~
You can read more about this here.

~Pacifier Clip~
I wanted to make Juliet some little crocheted flower hair clips, so one day I decided to learn how to crochet. (It's easy peasy, btw!) Then, a funny thing happened: As I crocheted little circles for the flowers, I began to see a hidden Mickey emerge in my hands!  Next thing I knew this little Mickey head pacifier clip was born!  I purchased the actual clips on Etsy and hot glued them onto the back of the mouse head.  Juliet only likes the Soothie brand pacifiers, and this clip is just perfect for them as they simply loop around one of the holes on the pacifier.  I may or may not have gone a little crazy and made several in different colors. :)

~Disney Family Nights~
We've been having a DFN just about every other weekend now that our trip is drawing near.  Since my last GRFM post we've enjoyed a Snow White night, a 101 Dalmatians night, and a Toy Story night.  I have yet to post about our Finding Nemo night, our Beauty and the Beast night, and our Mulan night, but be sure to check back in September to find out more about them!

~Mickey Mouse Mini Unit~
It was time to bust out our Mickey Mouse mini unit once again.  James hasn't used this in months, so it was a treat for him to work with it again.  Lots of fun stuff in here.  We also filled out this grammar activity.  It's a lot like mad-libs. James LOVED this!

~Learning About US Presidents~
We are patriotic bunch here, so naturally we have lots of USA learning materials around the house.  Knowing that we want to visit the x in Disney World, we've been looking through our US Presidents Fandex just to familiarize ourselves with some of the prominent faces we'll be seeing in the attraction.  (Yes, I'm one of *those* homeschooling parents - you know, the ones who can't go anywhere without trying to slip in a little school). :)
~Calendar Cards~
Available for download in this post.

This wonderfully cozy flannel pillowcase will decorate James' pillow nicely while we're in WDW.  We're staying at the Beach Club Villas and since they have a more subdued look to their rooms, we thought this case would jazz things up a bit!  And psst... one of you will get to win this (and other fun prizes!) in my upcoming Grand Giveaway!!

~Special Event Invitations~
There are a couple of surprise events (character meals, parties, parks) we have planned for James while we're in Orlando and so I decided to create special invites that will magically appear under our door the morning of said event. For most of the Disney related events I used the pages found here (heads up, you'll have to dig for them!).

~Tinkerbell Swim Coverup~
I just *love* this little cover up!  It has small wings on the back, too.  So cute and comfy!  I purchased it from this Etsy shop (note: the shop is closed and there's a looong wait list).

We've also...
:: Talked about height restrictions for rides (so there's no disappointment at the time), and what to do if one of us becomes unintentionally separated from our group.
:: Booked a babysitter (so the Hubs and I can enjoy a little kid-free date night at Le Cellier!)
:: Looked through friend's WDW trip photos.
:: Watched character meet-greet videos on YouTube (James hasn't been a fan of large, costumed characters in the past, so I wanted to give him an idea of what to expect.)
:: Read LOTS of Disney books, watched movies, and listened to our Disney playlist (about a thousand times).
:: Made a list of addresses for people we'll be sending postcards to.
:: Ordered groceries for our villa.
:: Added all of our confirmations to our Tripit! app.

My current fav. Disney planning sites:
Party Crafting & So Much More has an awesome post on Cheap & Free Disney World Souvenirs.
Disney Done Right has some great tips on Packing for the Parks.

You can also view my favorite ideas on my Disney World Vacations pin board.

And so we've *finally* reached the point when our Disney World trip is just around the corner (eee!!!).  It's been a looong time coming!  Alas, this will be my last "Getting Ready for Mickey" post. (Either you're VERY happy about this, or you're like me - a little sad.) :(  But, if you're new to my blog or feeling nostalgic for Disney posts, click here to see other parts to this series. :)

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