Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Stopping By...

Hello, friends! Remember me?

So many of you have very sweetly sent me mails wondering and hoping that we're settling in. Thank you for your warm thoughts - you're all very kind! I'm not ready to come back to full time blogging just yet, but I thought I'd pop in to say hello and to give an update on how things are going with us.

~my two loves~

I'm happy to say all is well! Life with two kiddos has definitely been an adjustment, though. Thankfully, James has accepted Juliet whole-heartedly and that alone has made the transition easier. It's finding time in the day that's been the real challenge for me. Especially when Juliet first came home - the days just flew by. I think last week was the first week when I finally felt like I had a grasp on time. I actually managed to read, knit, and take a shower!! (The latter being the real luxury!)

~we call this look "the church lady" ;D~

My husband was off work for three weeks and then my wonderful sister in law flew over to help for two weeks. And oh my goodness was she ever a help! Not only did she cook, clean, and take care of the kids whenever I needed her to, she found the energy to do school and a variety of fun projects with James (I'll share more about those later). She was also an enormous source of wisdom and support with regard to breastfeeding and childcare. She just left on Saturday and I'm already missing her!

~(at the beach) *yawn* this is the life!~

So, with hubby back at work and my SIL gone, I'm officially on my own now. That was a scary concept to me at first, but after some thought I now feel really good about it. I realized there's not much we haven't already done so there really shouldn't be any major surprises. We've ventured out many times for errands, meals, appointments, fun excursions - in fact, Juliet has already been to the beach and had her little toes dipped in the ocean! I've nursed in public several times (a huge anxiety overcome!), and I've experienced the joys of both kids having a public meltdown at the same time. I'm ready for life with two - bring it on!

~itty bitty feet~

I can't believe our little girl is already 5 weeks old! She's a sweetheart, a cuddle-bug, and one very determined girl. She has one of the loudest cries I've ever heard from a baby! As of last week she weighed 8lbs., 13oz. - up over two pounds from when we left the hospital (she lost some weight during our stay there)! Needless to say she's eating well. :) I'm exclusively nursing her on demand around the clock. She only wakes up a couple of times in the night to eat and then, thankfully, always goes right back to sleep. We're co-sleeping and I think that's the reason I feel surprisingly well rested each morning.

~teeny tiny hands~

My body is still resetting to its pre-pregnancy state. It's strange and amazing at the same time to feel things shifting back into place. Recovery-wise I'm still a bit sore from the c-section, but otherwise I feel quite normal. One thing that's not normal for me is just how hungry I am. Like all.the.time. I feel like I eat non-stop! I've heard this hunger is common for breastfeeding mothers and thanks to the huge calorie burn that occurs while nursing, I've lost over 20 pounds since giving birth!

~beach bum~

James is doing well, too! He's been such a good boy, so helpful and sweet. He's still very much in love with his sister and dotes on her constantly. She's very taken with him, too, and whenever she hears his voice she'll move her head around until she finds him. James has also been enjoying our mini-units and so have I! I love how compact and portable they are.

Well, that's about all for now. I'll try to update again in another few weeks. I have SO many ideas and activities I want to share with you all and I often find myself writing blog posts in my head! Oh, but there is one last thing I do want to mention... in the last 6 weeks I've received dozens of emails with questions - I apologize for not being able to respond to any of them. I can't say exactly when I'll be able to as life is a bit busy for me at the moment. :) Thanks for your understanding and patience! In the meantime, please be sure to check my FAQ post to see if I've already addressed your question(s).

Hope you're all doing well and that your school year is off to a wonderful start!

~Thank you for your comments!~


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