Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Llama Drama

Some of you may already know about the Llama Llama books and I'm sure you'll agree they are the best!

For those of you not familiar with
them, they are a part of a small series of children's books about a little llama and his mama and the frustrations of being a child. Anna Dewdney is the author & illustrator and so far there are only two of these books available, but I just found out she is releasing another, Llama Llama Misses Mama, in March 2009.

From a parent's perspective these books are spot on - they are short
, but very sweet, funny and totally relatable. James loves them too! We read these books to him, per his request, at least once a day and he'll sit entranced the entire time. He will ALWAYS select his Llama Llama books before any other and he'll spend lots of time looking at the colorful pictures while "reading' aloud to himself as he turns the pages. Llama Llama has become a household name with us. Sometimes we'll say to James, "Go play with Llama" and he'll run off to look at his books. :)
The perfect gift to give for anyone shopping for kids this season.


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