Thursday, April 9, 2009

Smarty Pants

Like all children, James is a total sponge when it comes to absorbing new information. I am constantly amazed at how much he comprehends. It's funny because he'll all of a sudden do or say something out of the blue and I'll stand there totally surprised because I had no idea he knew about whatever it was. I read that kids really blossom around this age and it's so fun to see that for myself. Things that were challenging for James a few months ago are a cinch for him now. Recently he showed us that he knows shapes, colors, most of the alphabet and several numbers. Here's a video clip of James pointing out his colors.

We are doing our best to expose James to lots of different things. I found this solar system poster at the teacher's store and thought it would be a fun addition to his playroom. Paul taught James the names of the planets one day and we were impressed to find out he remembered them all so quickly. Take a look...


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