Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Sensory Tub & Playdough

I'm getting this out just in the nick of time!

Our niece, Tia, is here visiting and she and I had so much fun making our Easter sensory goodies.

PlaydoughWe made a big batch and then separated it into thirds to create a few colors for James to mix and match. There's blue with glitter, purple with glitter and a cinnamon scent, and lime green with a citrus scent. And of course there are lots of Easter themed cookie cutters.

Sensory Tub
Tia thought of some very clever and creative ways to incorporate the religious aspect of Easter into our tub.

::Pink and green rice
::A wooden egg cup filled with stones (to symbolize the boulder in front of Jesus' tomb)
::Bits and strips of palm leaves (in honor of Palm Sunday)
::Confetti doves and crosses
::A wooden spoon
::A little shovel
::Some puffs
::A knitted egg
::Some pretty red beads
::Plastic egg filled with more puffs

Tia also thought of putting a piece of linen in there for Jesus' shroud, some branches (instead of thorns) for his crown and some blunt end screws (instead of nails) to symbolize Jesus being nailed to the cross. We didn't have any linen and I vetoed the screws, but the branches were a great idea - I just forgot to add them.


Theresa Mezo said...

Your sensory tubs are always so beautiful, I think even an adult would enjoy playing with them.. at least I would!
Love that you added a palm bits for Palm Sunday :)

Cara said...

This is such a pretty sensory tub to look at! I really love the pink and green rice. I was feeling really uninspired with my Easter sensory tub. I may or may not post it this week.

The playdough turned out beautifully too!

Sippy Cup Central said...

You sensory tub it perfect for Spring and your playdough looks so soft, great job.

Anonymous said...

love it! I still haven't finished my sensory box.. I am just so far behind on everything. The playdough looks so great.. how could it not tempt a little boy into playing w/ it!

Musical Mama said...

I always love your ideas! I have an award for you over on my blog.

Jen said...

So pretty! Love the knitted egg... let me guess, YOU made it, right? :)
Love the playdough too. James is one lucky boy!

Counting Coconuts said...

Thank you ladies!!
Jen: yes, I did make that wonky looking egg. :S It was my first one - I've made several since and each one looks a bit better than the last!


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