Saturday, August 28, 2010

Muffin Tin Meal - Yellow

After putting together our yellow sensory tub, I decided to make a yellow themed muffin tin meal for James. He loved it! Muffin tin meals are so much fun to eat out of (and to prepare! - the individual cups really appeal to my OCD tendencies organized nature)! :D

Here's what in it:
::Baby corn
::Kix cereal
::Pepper sticks
::Scrambled eggs
:: A cup of lemonade

Here are some more yellow food ideas:

::Corn kernals or cobs
::Macaroni and Cheese
::Summer squash
::Yellow wax beans
::Lemon flavored yogurt
::Rice mixed with saffron or turmeric

~Thank you for your comments!~


Victoria said...

Am going to hunt for a muffin tin now! I reckon it may encourage Little Bean to try a wider variety of food. He used to eat virtually anything but right now he is becoming a bread and meat only muncher!

Eva said...

mm looks yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Yum! Love baby corn!

Anonymous said...

Who knew there were so many yellow foods!

Jen said...

VERY cute! What a cheerful meal to have!

Mandy said...

"Yellow Meal" was a weekly tradition at the summer camp that I worked at in college - Chicken nuggets, Mac&Cheese, Corn, Lemonade, and Banana Pudding. Yours is definitely more eclectic. Fun idea!

Insightful Brain said...

This is such a fun idea!

Darcey said...

This is a great idea and a great way to introduce kids to all kinds of foods. You're blog is awesome! I linked to your blog in my post:

izzy said...

WOW! Creative idea!! I should start thinking about Muffin Tin Meal - Green to encourage kids to eat their veggies! =P

Michelle said...

Yellow is my favorite color! What a fun idea. This would be a great way to get kids to sample new foods too, I bet. It's a small amount and interestingly presented!

Jess said...

Great - we are eating our way through the rainbow an next week is yellow. Will steal some of your ideas here. (:

Darcey said...

I linked to this post here:
Just to let you know.

Be Brave, Keep Going said...

So glad you love Muffin Tin Meals as much as we do. We've been MTMing for over 3 years now and it has been a great way for my kids to try new foods and have fun doing it. We gather every Monday for Muffin Tin Monday at


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