Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blossoming Branches

I just love seeing all the blossoms popping out around the island. Such a beautiful sign of warmth and growth. I wanted to bring a little of this into our home so James and I made a simple and very pretty "tree" for our classroom.

First we collected some fallen branches from our backyard. Next we painted spots of glue on the branches and then gently wrapped and pinched pink tissue paper around the glue. That was it! Easy-peasy and the results are lovely.While we decorated the tree, James and I talked casually about why trees blossom and the different kinds of things that come from blossoms. Later we went out on the nearby nature reserve and looked at all the different blossoming trees we could find. :)

~Thank you for your comments!~


Anonymous said...

So pretty! In the first picture I thought it was real!!

phasejumper said...

Pretty spring craft!

WorkingMaa said...

I just got to know about your blog through brillkids forum . And I must say I am already a fan ! I love your simple ideas and will certainly try some !!

I did not know much about montessori method before and your blog has forced me to explore this more and more . I find that the prices for montessori material online are very high. I am intrigued by several products and really want to buy some. Can you please point me to some good sources?

Thanks a lot !

Anonymous said...

We did this, too! It was so much fun. I still have the branches displayed on my mantle. Everyone thinks they are real blossoms until they get up close. The kids are so proud of this craft.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful! I may have to steal this one! :) So easy and cute!

Unknown said...

So sweet! I featured you on my latest post, Found It Friday!

Elle Belles Bows said...

So very pretty!



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