Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yarn Along - Baby Knit

Another knit for my sweet little girl. Oh my goodness I can't begin to convey just how much I love knitting for this little baby in my belly. I'm seriously addicted to knitting now more than ever and I can't stop myself from seeking out one adorable pattern after another! You can see my Rav. notes here.

This particular knit, The Country Kiddie, came together very quickly, which is a good thing unless you're a very hormonal pregnant woman who literally enjoys every stitch like it's a book that can't be put down. When it was all finished I actually missed working on it. Ha!

I love this project for two reasons: the colorway I chose was Lorna's Laces "Somerset", which was a lovely coincidence since that's the parish we live in here in Bermuda. The other reason is because much of this project was knitted while I sat on the beach, under an umbrella, alongside the bright blue ocean as my two sweeties played in the sand (yes, my husband enjoys the beach every bit as much as my 4 year old!). While I knitted, I thought of how perhaps someday this little sweater will warm my grandchild and how neat it is that the story of how it was made takes place on a beach in Bermuda. (Btw, pregnancy hormones -at least mine- lead to uncontrollable nostalgia.) :)

Oh and since I'm linking up to Ginny's Yarn Along, I should also mention what was being read alongside this knit. Every night before bed my husband reads a bit of poetry to the baby. She loves the sound of his voice and kicks away as he reads. It's a wonderful way for them to bond and for me to enjoy a book without reading it!

I have two other finished knits to share with you and I'll do that as soon as I photograph them.

~Thank you for your comments!~


Joey said...

Oh you make me want to try knitting from a pattern again!(as opposed to knitting a scarf or washcloth which is all I've mastered!) You did a lovely job, the colours will be so pretty on your little girl! Thanks for sharing!
~ joey ~

Mommy Moment said...

Beautiful Knitting and Beautiful that your husband reads poetry to the baby girl in your tummy!

My hubby always read kids books to my belly before bed too ~ Loved it.


Anonymous said...

The yarn is gorgeous, and such a sweet little vest - I'd miss knitting that, too. Enjoy - and have a wonderful day.

Jacqui said...

What a sweet post - beautiful perfect baby girl pattern and yarn. x

Alisa said...

such a sweet adorable knit!! I felt the same way while carrying my newest who is almost 4 months now....I continue to knit while I nurse now....which is a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww! What a sweet post!

Jess said...

Lovely little sweater. I can't help imaging my grandchildren wearing everything that I make for my kids too.
What brought you to Bermuda? I am in Minnesota, and I wouldn't mind a move like that:)


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