Friday, July 8, 2011

Transportation Sensory Tub

This is our second tub for the month of July (our other one is a pond theme). James chose a transportation theme, or more specifically, a car theme and we had lots of fun creating it together!

Here's what's inside:
:: Black beans
:: River pebbles
:: Small wooden signs (from our train set)
:: A few die cast cards
:: Plastic trees
:: Red, green, and yellow pony beads (think traffic lights)
:: Some tires from our lego set
:: Cut up pipe cleaners (think of the yellow lines on a street)
:: Small car and truck buttons
:: Cut outs of license plates from various US states

The small buttons and pony beads can be used in conjunction with the pipe cleaners for a great lacing/fine motor/sequencing activity.

I included the license plates because I thought it'd be fun for James to match up them up with the states on a US map. He's always had an interest in the states and I think he'll really enjoy this aspect. Btw, I found the map and the license plates on Google images, but unfortunately the image clip only included a small handful of states.

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~Thank you for your comments!~


Zaira said...

fun! if only it stayed all pretty and nicely arranged! lol

Joey said...

Your ideas are SO fantastic, you can see how much thought (and time!) goes into the preparation of James' materials! My little guy loves cars too!
You are blessing us all with your creativity!
Thank you!
~ joey ~

Fiona said...

what a cool idea! I always look forward to your sensory tubs and 'what's on our shelves posts' and now mini units too. I only wish I had the time and organisation skills to do even a third of the stuff you do with my children!

pedrose said...

Even as an adult I get excited to see your sensory tubs. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

Unknown said...

Great idea ! I can't wait to do some sort of transportation tub. We made a pond and a dinosaur tub this month. Big hits with my little one.

kelly from said...

I am really enjoying your blog!

Anonymous said...

What is the point of these tubs? Do you just let him play in them. I am just starting to home school though I am famliar with some Montessori methods. I really like them, but what do you ask them to do with the tubs; sort, or play or imagine, count or write about it. My daughter is 5 would these be fun for her or is she too old.

Counting Coconuts said...

@Kevin, Sonya, Claire, Max or Kai: Please read this post to find the answer to your question:


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