Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Homemade Notebooks

You guys have been making me laugh lately - whenever I put out a new post, I'll undoubtedly get an email or a comment telling me to "just relax and rest!" before the baby comes. I suspect you think I'm running around like a crazed pregnant women stuck in a crafting frenzy? Well, minus the running part, I suppose that's a pretty accurate statement. But what you must realize is that 1) I LOVE crafting and 2) creating things is a very relaxing pastime to me. Laying around and watching TV makes me anxious - I need to be doing something with my hands. Since we're officially done with school for a while, I've had more time to just sit and craft, hence my recent posts. It's been wonderful and very restful!

And thanks to the plethora of ideas out on Pinterest I've been at no risk for running out of crafty projects. I ran across this idea from Simple Home Stuff and went right to my happy place in making some homemade notebooks.

These are actually a much needed supply in our classroom since pre-made store-bought notepads (the kind with blank pages for drawing) are ridiculously expensive here. And my child is one of those who likes a fresh sheet of paper for, oh say, every new line he draws. Sure I gently encourage him not to do that and sure we use scrap paper and the back of old documents, etc., but when it comes to creating I understand the need for a clean slate. Also, there's something alluring about a book of paper. At least to me and James, anyway.

I won't bother sharing a full on tutorial since these are SO easy to make. Basically I just used cardboard boxes from various food items, I cut them into a variety of sizes and folded them in half to make a book. Then I folded sheets of printer paper (fyi, here's where the cost saving lies - when looking at the paper ratio, the price of a ream of paper is FAR cheaper than a pre-made notepad), and then cut the paper down to the size of the cardboard. After that I simply stacked and then stapled the paper in middle at the fold of the book. Easy peasy.

I know James will get a kick out of the images on the cardboard, but I'm a little.... particular... when it comes to how things look in my classroom. :) So, I covered some of the books with interesting scrapbook paper (see first photo). Those will go on our shelves for various works while the others will be for everyday use outside the classroom. The great thing about these is that they fit right into my purse, so bringing them to a restaurant or doctor's office or adding them to one of our activity kits will be a cinch.

I made some mini-notebooks, too. Just because I thought they were cute. :) I added a couple to the sibling gift I made earlier this week.

Another great thing about these notebooks is that they're reusable - all you have to do is pull out the staple and add more paper!

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Lisa said...

I just wanted to write a note saying I am ADDICTED to your blog. It inspires me in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas. James and his baby sister are two lucky kiddos!

Unknown said...

These are very simple for something that will be so fun!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! This is a great idea.. Sammy likes to use lots of pages at one time.. So it adds up cost wise! I will make some of these soon!

Olives and Pickles said...

You are funny!!Made me smile your first sentences of this post.I was one of those moms : )
This notebooks have been in my to-do list for a while.
Thank you for the inspiration.
I won't tell you to relax this time ; }

Stephanie said...

Awesome Mari-Ann! I love this idea! Perfect for schooling while out! I totally understand the crafty rest you are taking! ;) While I am pregnent I sew like a crazy person! I also tend to scrapbook and decorate! :) Its just a different form of nesting! Best wishes!

Mercedes said...

I love this idea! I am going to put it on my pintrest to remind me! Hunter will love it!

Jessie ( said...

Looking good :) I on the other hand love watching tv ha ha ha!!

Deceptively Educational said...

My son is addicted to writing little notes and we are constantly in need of just such notebooks. Thank you for showing me a unique and inexpensive way to keep my son writing!

Abby said...

Mari-Ann, Thanks for the great idea! I have two little ones who think a single line is a reason for a new page, and this will be a huge help. Best wishes on your sweet little girl's arrival.

Joey said...

I say enjoy your nesting time with whatever you love to do!
I have made similar mini notebooks with watercolour paintings as the cover. I've also recovered ugly store bought exercise books with a painting as well to make them prettier! The kid's love to see their artwork 're-used'!

Bri Sin said...

I preggers with kid #2 and due in November and I am preparing so much stuff right now for when the baby comes ( We are also having a girl following our boy ). I am pretty sure that now it's just turning into part of my nesting :)I have a million ideas and I put hubby to work too! It just feels so Awesome and refreshing to make things for your little ones.

Monkey Toes Montessori (Jodi Pollack) said...

I love these notebooks! I've been saving cereal and cracker boxes just to make these! Thank-You for sharing!

creativenimi said...

That's so cute and I am sure will come handy for my 3.5 yr old daughter, who as you said in your case, likes a new page for every line she draws.Gr8 idea.

Asia said...

All I can say is wow!! I stumbled onto your blog and have been here for the past hour. You are such and blessing to the Blogosphere!


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