Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY Montessori Color Tablets

The thrifty teacher's version of Montessori color tablets. :)
These have been in the late stages of completion for well over a year now and am I ever glad they're finally done!

Paint samples are great and free - there are SO many things you can do with them! To make these color tablets, I simply cut the paint samples so they were all of equal size, then I laminated them, and cut out (That step was the hold up in completion.)

What I like about these is that they stay true to the Montessori style in that each one is uniform and that the child's fingers do not actually touch the color portion of the tablet. To accomplish that I left an extra quarter inch on either side of the tablet. Easy peasy!

~Thank you for your comments!~


Kim said...

I picked up the paint samples awhile ago and have been meaning to 'do something' to make the tablets, but wasn't sure what. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)


Monica said...

Great idea!!!!! Hod did you cut all of them so well and uniform? Thank you for this post I was wondering if I could laminate them! Monica

Les said...

I just recently did that with paint samples too, but did not think to laminate them and have extra space for holding on the edges. Great thinking!

I'm a new commenter on here, but I've really enjoyed your blog for quite awhile! It's one of the first ones I found when beginning our montessori preschool homeschool awhile back and you've been very helpful!

Mrs D. said...

Nice to read about your posts...thanks for sharing
greetings from Italy

Ms. Mo'mina said...

This is great. We will be using this idea!

-Ms Momina

Kim said...

I am not familiar with Montessouri style. What do you use these for?

Amber H said...

I had paint samples for just this purpose! But I was wondering, how large did you make your squares?

Counting Coconuts said...

Thanks so much for your comments!

Monica: I cut these freehand, just "eyeballing" the edges so they'd be uniform.

Kim: In short, these are used for color grading. I'm sure you can find a much more detailed description with a Google search. :)

Growing a Green Family: I'm not positive on the size as I didn't measure anything. I used the paint chip's size and then just worked around it. I *think* they're about 2.5" x 2".

Ashlee said...

Why is it important that they don't touch the color portion of the card?


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