Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Disney Family Night: Snow White

One of the (many) things we're doing in preparation for our big trip to Disney World is to have a Disney Family Night about once a month until we leave . In short, we pick one of our favorite Disney movies and then create a themed night around it. It's a fun way to bridge the long wait!

One our recent movie nights featured Snow White and the Seven Dwarves...

Did you know Snow White takes place in Germany?  Or at least that's the country associated with this movie.  Strange, though, because I really see no German connections in the movie, do you?  Anyway, I went with it and followed a German theme. :)

:: We mined for gems.  I used one of our empty sensory tubs, filled it with plain rice and buried lots of acrylic gems within it.  James used various "tools" (small fish net, slotted spoon, spatula, tongs, etc.) to excavate the gems.
:: We cast coins into our wishing well. I added some small pebbles and water to a medium sized metal bowl, and gathered some coins in a small basket. I created a sign that said "I'm wishing... Throw coins into the well and make a wish".  James LOVED this activity and threw all 40 coins into the well (one by one) and made a wish each and every time.  So cute.  The metal bowl makes a satisfying "ting" kind of sound whenever a coin hits it. :)
:: We looked at the German items from our Europe Continent Bag.
:: We played "Guess the Dwarf" by acting out the various characteristics of each dwarf.
:: We listened to songs from the movie while prepping dinner.
:: We watched the movie (of course!).

Keeping with the German theme, here's what was on our menu:
Appetizer: Gold Mining Sticks (mini pretzels sticks with melted cheese {aka gold} for dipping)
Dinner: Forest Berries (mixed berries), Sneezy's Sausage (grilled bratwurst), Grumpy's Potatoes (German potato salad)
Desert: Snow White's Sweet Apples (sliced apples with a bit of drizzled caramel)
Beverage: Witch's Brew (root beer) - for this I removed the label and since it's a dark beverage it really does look a bit sinister. : )  James was actually a bit nervous until he tasted it!

I decorated our place settings with the typical red, yellow, blue color scheme of Snow White.  I also  bought a big bunch of apples and arranged them in an apple picking basket, I gathered some of our woodland forest animals, and I set a large mirror near the table (think: "mirror mirror on the wall..."). 
~Our little Snow White~

Overall a very easy and enjoyable evening!  We also had a Finding Nemo night, which was a blast - I hope to post about that soon! Click here to see our other Disney nights - more to come!

~Thank you for your comments!~


Jessica Leigh said...

Oddly enough I did know that Snow White took place in Germany. Actually most of the old fairy tales do. I'm not sure if you had already discovered it but many of the beloved tales were written by the Brothers Grimm and most are set in the Black Forest. I had the wonderful opportunity as a teen to to the Fairy Tale Forest in Germany. When you walk through the Black Forest it becomes incredibly apparent how they could lend themselves to such fabulous stories. The Cinderella castle also is modelled after the Schloss Neushwannstein in Germany (I have also been there). Both the castle and Fairy Tale Forest are on my bucket list of places to take my children.

Counting Coconuts said...

Oh how very interesting, thank you for sharing this!

I did know that many of the tales were written by the Brothers Grimm, but I guess the Black Forest image didn't occur to me while watching Snow White. I too have been to the Neushwannstein Castle, but I had no idea Cinderella's castle was modeled after it. What a fun tid bit to learn!

Katrina R said...

I love the little woodland animals in your top picture! Are they made from wood? Are they commercially made (if so, what brand/shop?) Thank you! :)


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