Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Feather In My Cap

I just received a bloggy award! I have so many people to thank; where do I start?! Ha - just kidding... I'll just give a BIG thanks to my favorite Aussie, D (a hilariously funny mum with a "hit the nail on the head" kind of wit) from Three Little Birds, for thinking my lil' blog worthy enough for such an award. :)
Now it's my turn to share the love. First let me say there are SO many great blogs out there, and it was really hard to narrow it down, but here are 5 blogs I enjoy stalking, er I mean reading, most often:

1) 1+1+1=1, the Tot School mothership. An amazing blog written by a lovely blogger who generously shares a wealth of homeschooling information with others.

2) Momtessori, a blog packed with insider ideas and tips on homeschooling the Montessori way. It's written by a funny mom who seems to enjoy a good bargain as much as I do!

3) No Time For Flashcards, the incredibly awesome blog every mom, dad, nanny, grandparent - anyone who is looking for fun DIY activities with kids - should read.

4) All About The Journey, a mommy blog with loads of great ideas for teaching and having fun with a toddler. The author and I share the same philosophy when it comes to teaching children - she put it best: "... it's the journey or the process of an experience, not the final outcome, that makes the biggest impact in their minds".

5) Captain Pork Chops, this blog has me L-ingOL whenever I read it. This post of hers made me think we may have been sisters in another life.

To "accept" your award, all you have to do is copy the award image above and add it to your blog (if you want to, of course). :)


Julie said...

Congrats and well deserved!

Sarah said...

Congrats, Mar! I love both of your blogs and enjoy seeing what you and James are up to. Miss you!!

Paul said...

Congrats on the award, your doing such an awesome job!

Cara said...

Congrats! Your blog is fabulous, and I love reading about all the activities you do with James!

DB said...

Oh, so sweet! x

Carisa said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me!!! I am loving your blog too, you have some great ideas!

;) Carisa


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