Wednesday, October 7, 2009

James' World

Last year I made a post about James' new playroom. It has since evolved into a playroom/classroom and it's my favorite room in the house! Wish I had some place like this when I was a kid!

I always enjoy seeing other people's playing/learning spaces, and since a few people have asked me to, I thought I'd share some pics of what ours looks like...

The room is actually meant to be used as a dining room so it's situated adjacent to the kitchen and living room making it a perfect location for a playroom! It gets nice and sunny in there and those windows look out to the ocean. :) (see why it's my favorite room?) The book nook is in the back corner. The top two shelves of the bookcase hold some of my teaching tools - thankfully I found a new method of storage since this picture was taken (see below).

To the right of the book nook. There's an open patio that we use for messy activities. It's also where I keep my container garden. To the right of the doors is James' "discovery table" (see close up below). I change it up often to keep him interested. That cute little Bobby car and play kitchen are, so far, a total waste of money. He could care less about them for now. :(

Here's an updated picture of my new storage shelf, which my sweet husband installed (thanks, honey!). It's full of more teaching tools. I used to have everything crammed onto the bookcase and in our office, but now it's all in the same room - yay!

Facing the wall opposite the patio doors. Notice the cute kitty on the mat. :} Both cats LOVE sleeping in the playroom! In the corner is the little art station. I keep the basic supplies (crayons & chalk) out in the open, but all the messy stuff (i.e. the good stuff) is kept in my craft closet in our office. To the right of the art station is his ABC station (close up below). I rotate the items on this station, too. Some times I'll put out books, magnetic letters, ABC color pages, etc.

Another shot from the same angle, but in this one you can see his work table, the seasonal bulletin board (close up below) and some of his past art work. He just started an art class this month, so the bulletin board will be full of little masterpieces :) in a few months.

Close ups of ABC station & discovery table. During Tot School time I move the stuff off the discovery table and lay out 3-4 trays of different activities.

Close up of seasonal bulletin board - this is where I get to use all that scrap paper I own and never use otherwise! I'll have to figure out a new way to adhere the artwork to the board though since my little monkey likes to climb up on his chair, pull out the push pins, and bring them to me saying, "owie, mama." (yikes!) Guess I should take the hint!

And finally a cute piece of artwork near the doorway. :)


Cyndi-ella said...

Great space for teaching and learning! I'm a big fan of your blog and look forward to all of your new posts/ideas. Thanks for sharing.

P.S. Mind sharing where you got the planet poster, wall maps, and the ABC art of all the different countries. I love those. My little one is only 18 months, but I love surrounding her with beautiful, real items.

Counting Coconuts said...

Hi Cyndi-ella, thank you so much for your comment anf for your kind words. We made the planet poster out of paper and paint, and I purchased the ABC art from Pottery Barn kids. :)

Counting Coconuts said...

Oops - sorry, I just remembered the ABC art came from the Land of Nod store.


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