Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Puzzle Crazy

We LOVE puzzles and, thanks to the wonderful world of E-Moo (Bermuda's online classifieds), we've managed to obtain quite a supply of them for cheap. I wrote a post here about one particularly good purchase.

I think puzzles make fantastic gifts, so with Christmas coming up, I thought I'd take a few minutes to write up a post about our favorite puzzles. I've provided links for your shopping convenience. :) Coincidentally, all of them are made by our favorite toy maker, Melissa & Doug (love M&D!).

First up:
The alphabet puzzle. This thing is priceless - we use it for so many activities! The nice chunky wood is perfect for little hands.

This sea life puzzle is James' all time favorite toy right now. He carries those chunky puzzle pieces with him all around the house. We've used them in lessons outside of the puzzle board, too.

Pattern Blocks. These are fabulous! An excellent way to learn about shapes in every day objects. The set comes with 10 puzzles (front and back).

Magnetic animal puzzle book. I found this for $2 at the local thrift shop! You can take the book apart and focus on one or two puzzles at a time, if you'd like. We also put them on the refrigerator. Unfortunately, I couldn't find this exact one online - I think it's been upgraded to this version.

Ok, so maybe not technically a puzzle, but still a must have for anyone with kids. This See & Spell set is the bomb! There are 16 words and loads of letters so kids can fill in several at a time. I love that the letters are lowercase, too.

The following are puzzles James has mastered, but he still enjoys playing with them and I highly recommend them for ages 2 and under.

Mix n Match Vehicles. What I love about this is that the shape is consistent, so the pieces will fit anywhere, but they are color coded so the child can easily see if they mislaid a piece.

Chunky Shapes. This was our very first puzzle! :) James learned shapes very early on thanks to this puzzle.


Susan said...

So cute how James loves those sea creatures! chunky shapes was our first puzzle too. Every time I buy a see and spell I end up giving it as a gift. Hopefully Grandma will get one for Turbo this year since I can't hold on to mine.

DB said...

SNAP! We have 2 of those puzzles too, love them! Only, I bet yours don't end up dumped on the floor at the end, or you find pieces of them in the crockery cupboard, the lounge, the washing basket, the toilet...

Izzie, Mac & Me said...

We love Melissa and Doug products! Their puzzles are great. Izzie just received a magnetic shape pattern puzzle and loves it! Thanks for sharing and linking up.

Counting Coconuts said...

Thanks for your comments!
D, you'll be happy to know our puzzles end up all over the house, too!


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