Sunday, April 3, 2011

Montessori Print Shop Giveaway!!

~This giveaway is now CLOSED~

I am SO excited about this giveaway - one of you is going to win something truly amazing!

The lovely Jennifer, owner of Montessori Print Shop, is generously gifting one of my readers a deluxe CD-Rom collection! Eeek! We're talking about a wealth of resources valued at $580!

Seriously, you will not believe just how much is packed onto these two discs. It is nothing short of a complete curriculum with loads of materials covering a wide range of subjects:
Incredible, right?! There are over 950 files on these discs - far too many for me to detail, but here's a sample of what you'll get...

Language cards, everything you need for the pink/blue/green series AND tons of cards in French and Hebrew, plus MUCH more.

Lots of materials and extensions for your sensorial shelves.

A huge geography pack including maps, land and water forms, and tons of cards for your continent boxes.

Math, math and more math - everything from time cards to seasonal counting cards to the entire geometry cabinet!

Additionally, Jennifer has also created some really fun and unique files, such as:
Cookware Classification Cards
Recycling Matters Card Set
Medieval Knights Picture Cards
Animal Tracks Matching Cards
Pin Punching Cards

AND, as if all that weren't enough, included on the discs are FOUR fantastic Montessori teaching manuals as well several other teacher resource files! These are perfect for those of you who can't/don't want to pay for online training courses, but still want to know more about how to create and present lessons.

Want to know the *best* things about these discs? You'll be using them for years! There are materials appropriate for toddlers, preschoolers, and grade school children!

Phew! Can you tell I'm excited?!

Finally just a quick word about quality... it's clear a lot of time and thought went into creating these materials. For example, the images used - one thing I'm really picky about when it comes to the printables we use in our classroom is the type of images used on the printable. I very much prefer real life photos to drawings or cartoons and I was thrilled to see Jennifer has taken the time to hunt down real and beautiful photos for her cards. Thanks, Jennifer!

Ok, so here's how you can enter to win:

Mandatory entry:

1. Leave a comment on this post and let me know which of these materials would be most useful to you.

Extra entries:
2. Like Counting Coconuts on Facebook and leave me a separate comment on this post letting me know you have/already do.
3. Like Montessori Print Shop on Facebook and leave me a separate comment on this post letting me know you have/already do.
4. Follow Counting Coconuts and leave me a separate comment on this post letting me know you have/already do.
5. After today come back and leave me one comment per day on this post until the end of the giveaway.

*NOTE re: separate comments - each entry will be counted as a chance to win. If you put all of your entry requirements into just ONE comment, you'll only have ONE chance to win.

Montessori Print Shop is willing to ship (for free!) this 2-disc set to anyone, anywhere in the world!! This giveaway will end on Friday, April 8th at 9pm Atlantic Time.

Good luck, everyone!!


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annie b. said...

Just liked Counting Coconuts.

annie b. said...

I liked Montessori Print Shop.

Bess Wuertz said...

I would love to have the knobless cylinder pattern cards.

Zonnah said...

hoping, hoping, hoping....

Montessori Bee said...

I would love the language materials. My son is so ready for that type of material.
Thank you for such a wonderful chance.

Montessori Bee said...

I all ready like counting coconuts on facebook

Montessori Bee said...

I all ready like montessori print shop on Facebook

Montessori Bee said...

I am already a Counting Coconuts follower. : )

Gigi said...

It would be a great material to start up my class.

paulnness said...

Here's hoping it's not too late for another entry to win the Montessori give away :) I was a montessori child and now I tam a homeschooling Mum of 2 boys - one with special needs. My montessori experiences have styaed with me all these years and now I have the joy of creating wondeful and lasting memories with my boys. I would dive right into the language and geography sections first and then devour the rest :)
Thanksfor the chance to win the giveayaw :) Good luck to all the other competitors too.

The Windy City Duo said...

Here is to hoping I win.

Procrastination Via Sewing said...

#1 I liked you on FB! :))

Procrastination Via Sewing said...

# 2 I already like MPS on FB. :)

Procrastination Via Sewing said...

#3 I also add your blog to my list.

Susanna said...

I've just sent one of Sveva's painting to her grandmother for her birthday. Sveva loves painting so using Famous Art Cards and Book from Montessori Print Shop would be fantastic. I would download them today.

Curious Roots said...

I love Montessori Print Shop!! Their materials are so resonably priced and useful. I particularly like the reading cabinet.

Curious Roots said...

I like Montessori Print Shop on Facebook!

Curious Roots said...

I like Counting Coconuts on Facebook!

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