Monday, May 2, 2011

May Sensory Tub - Farm

This month's tub has a farm theme. It's pretty simple and cost me all of $2 to make! James is having a blast with it and can be heard making up stories and singing songs while playing with it. :)

Here's what's inside:
:: Scratch feed - I found this at the grocery store and I think it's meant for chickens. It's comprised of various seeds and corn kernels.
:: Feathers
:: Raffia
:: Farm figurines
:: Wooden cups and little wooden bowls
:: A sugar spoon shaped like a garden spade
:: Mini John Deere tractor
:: Plastic egg (leftover from Easter) :)

Click the button below to see a full list of my sensory tubs or click here to view my slideshow on the Counting Coconuts Facebook page.

~Thank you for your comments!~


Alison @ Educational Creations said...

We're doing an on the farm too! As always love your sensory box ... :P

Anonymous said...

Adorable!! Looks like so much fun!

Deborah Stewart said...

That is so funny that you shared this today. We made a farm sensory tub at the school but I never got around to taking a photo - I keep thinking I need to stop and do that! I love your tub!

Unknown said...

I love the farm theme!! We are doing a farm theme next month too! I can't wait to see what's on your shelves for this month! You always have the neatest ideas!!

Narelle said...

Love it! We've been doing some farm activities lately so this would tie in perfectly!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Wonderful job! Ella would Love it!


Kristina said...

Great idea! Definitely going file this one away for future use when I get doing a farm theme.

Rachelle said...

Super cute :-) I am totally going to copy that!
Maybe use some Popsicle sticks as a fence?

Unknown said...

Love this. Just had to share it:


Jen said...

So cute!! I think I already wrote this in another comment, but I love farms too. :)

Deb Chitwood said...

What a fun sensory tub, Mari-Ann! I featured your farm posts and farm sensory tub photo in my Montessori-Inspired Farm Unit at


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