Sunday, May 8, 2011

Robot Sensory Tub

I am really excited about this tub because it's been in the back of my mind for many months and it has finally come to fruition. The putting together of this tub was a family affair - James, my husband, and my niece all gave their input and here's what we came up with...

It is, admittedly, very cluttered with junk (literally) which isn't my usual preference for sensory tubs, but my husband convinced me that that's what robots are made of - lots of junk. :)

Here's what's inside:
:: Translucent blue beads
:: Letter beads
:: Silver pipe cleaners (great for lacing the beads)
:: An old remote control (with the batteries removed!!!)
:: Magnets
:: Bottle caps (from a scrapbooking store)
:: Sparkly poms
:: Sequins mix
:: Toy gears and wheels
:: Google eyes
:: Various bits of computer hardware (e.g. switches, dials, discs, fuses, etc. My husband is a computer geek so we actually had all of this on hand!)
:: Plastic tree lights (from Christmas, with the wires cut off)
:: Wing-nuts, screw plates, springs, and a mini screwdriver
:: Corrugated cardboard
:: Carabiner clip
:: Big flat marbles
:: Buttons (I chose ones that didn't have the usual holes in the front so they'd look like a button you'd push.)
:: A metal scoop

Phew! See - lots of junk. And actually, there's a lot that we thought of that didn't make it into this tub (tin foil, an aluminum pie tin, salt shaker, mini whisk, legos, etc.). Despite all the stuff inside of it, I'm happy to report this tub didn't cost a single dime to make! We had everything on hand, including the blue beads which we used in our Independence Day tub last July.

James couldn't wait to get his mitts on everything and even my husband gave it two thumbs up, saying: "Now this is a boy's tub!!". :)

Click here to see our robot playdough!

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The Sunshine Crew said...

Love the Robot sensory tub! Little Bro would love this!So cool!
Wanted to let you know that I tweeted about the cool moms is my tweet:
Counting Coconuts is in a contest and needs your votes She is an awesome mom blogger! @circleofmoms
Have a very happy Mother's Day today!

The Activity Mom said...

ANOTHER awesome one! =)

Anonymous said...

What a fun tub!! Looks like James has is loving it in that photo!

Deborah Stewart said...

I love it - I agree, robots are made of junk:)

Colleen said...

This. Is. Amazing. I have a robot obsessed 3 year old who would love a bin like this. I'm married to an engineer who actually works with robots so we have a lot of the same things laying around our house. Now I need to start a collection for our next bin!
I can't wait to see your robot play dough. Thanks so much for sharing :-)

Lori said...

I love it! Robots are big in our house. I may have to borrow your idea, if that's ok. :) It's really fun!

Boy Crazy said...

Neat blog! Homeschool mama 6 boys here. Found you on the Circle of Moms contest. Feel free to visit my blog any ole time!

Michelle said...

I adore this one! We love robots in this house :P

These tubs offer such a good reason to clear out/organize junk drawers!

Alison @ Educational Creations said...

This is one of my favorites ... I think it lends itself greater to open-ended play!

Eddie said...

Yeah! Thanks for posting this, I have a Robots tot pack waiting and I couldn't figure out what to do for our tub, other than little Lego robot men. This looks great!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

How neat! I am curious what James will make with all this loot :)

Jen said...

Aweeessssoommme!! My two would love this one. Another hit!


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