Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yarn Pumpkins

Easy to make and oh so cute!! I made ten so we could practice counting and because I just couldn't stop making them!

I got the idea from Make And Takes - (click the link for tutorial) they made yarn apples, but I never got around to doing that in September, so pumpkins for October it is.

You can see how excited James was to meet them. He picked one up and said in a high, tiny voice, "oh yittle baby punkin".

We had so much fun playing with these! We threw them around the room and then James went around "the pumpkin patch" picking pumpkins. Of course Buca (the kitty) thought they were fun, too!

Another cute thing James decided to do with the pumpkins was to "feed" them to his mini Sesame Street friends. Of course Grover & Elmo got the most since they're James' favorite. :)


DB said...

They are soooo cute!
Can I just ask, do you ever sleep?! You are forever making adorable things, you either have a very fabulous husband who occupies James for you, or maybe there are 2of you.

Counting Coconuts said...

Oh how I WISH there were two of me! Yep, I do have a fab husband, but honestly I do a lot of this stuff at night after James goes to sleep. It doesn't take long at all!

Jen said...

Oh these are just so tiny and cute, just like James. :)

jen at said...

i just happened to stumble upon this old post of yours... we did the same thing (and were inspired by the same blogger) just a week apart. here are our pumpkins.

vattolinos said...

thank you for the idea. Tonight my son and I had wonderful fun time making those pumpkins. I threw the yarn, he threw it back, meanwhile I was wrapping the yarn around the cardboard..he was cutting the yarn when I was done. He was admireing every pumpkin when it was done. I don't know if you can see comments to such old post, but I thought I write it anyway. P.S. we couldn't stop making them either :-)


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