Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fun with Canned Goods

Leave it to a child to find adventure and intrigue in everyday household items!

I recently made a "kitchen items" basket for James filled with play food, little plates & utensils, and small canned goods. I had intended on this accompanying his play kitchen, but I've since decided to sell the kitchen due to space limitations and my new classroom layout. I'm sooo sad to see the kitchen go, but he really never plays with it and if I'm honest I have to admit I bought it because I always wanted one. ;)

James was immediately drawn to the canned goods and spent the looongest time stacking them, rolling them, shaking and listening to them, and comparing them to the geometric solid cylinder.

I think what appeals to him is the fact that they are real items and they have a satisfying heftiness to them when held in his little hands. He took some time to notice the varying weight of each can. I had no idea they'd be such a hit and I'm headed off to the grocery to see if I can find any more small-sized cans.

PS: if you're wondering why my child is wearing a hat indoors it's because it's COLD here! I know you don't believe me, and honestly after growing up in Minnesota even I am surprised by how cold I feel. This is a different kind of cold though... it's a damp-windy-feel-it-in-your-bones-because-you-live-out-in-the-middle-of-the-ocean kind of cold! :) Brrr!


Elise said...

Sometimes I am fascinated and surprised by the things that really appeal to my children. It's always such a lovely discovery to learn that simple everyday items can be enjoyed and used in such creative ways by our little ones.

Your Tot School post was amazing - full of so many wonderful ideas. I have seen other bloggers mention Kidsoup before, but I have never joined up. I think after reading your post I will need to check this site out. Opera and owls are such neat ideas to include in your week. A trip to the ocean - how perfect.

I Hope you are enjoying hot chocolates and other soul satsifying treats to warm you up.

Montessori Moments said...

I should do this for our little "Belle". She is always taking my cans out of the cupboard to "play" with.
I don't know about you, but my children sure love working and playing with "real" things over toys!
Have a wonderful day!

Jo Shabo said...

James ALWAYS looks so cute in his hats! Love them!

Anonymous said...

oo so fun! I love seeing what kids get into! I think today is going to be the first day over freezing in 3 weeks.. and I live in Virginia.. so cold!!!

Jen said...

I remember how cold it can get there!!! LOL and you're right no one believes it. Stay warm!

Rusheika said...

It is true IT IS So COLD here!!! This is how I remember the winters being when I was younger... we were spoiled over the past few years. I can't wait until the weather gets better :)

my kids love everyday items more than toys as well... although I haven't pulled the cans out for them in quite awhile... thanks for the reminder!!

Debbie said...

I love the idea of the basket you made for him. I need to do more things like this. Kids always love things they see used in their lives.

Cara said...

Finn loves his kitchen items too, especially cans! He grabs them from the pantry whenever he has the chance. We almost got Finn a kitchen for Christmas, but then I realized that he likes to play with the real stuff anyway, so he has a kitchen bin similar to yours.

Counting Coconuts said...

Thanks!! Hehe Elise, I WISH I could be enjoying chocolates right now! Alas, I am trying to cut back on such things. :)
Jo, you're so sweet... I am crazy about hats (as you can see) and I'm just about to start knitting a new one for Mr. James!!

Angela said...

Christopher got a cookie match up game for Christmas but love pretending they are real cookies. He cares nothing for the game. I bet he too would love for me to give him some real cans. My fear is that my 12 month old loves to throw things LOL! Thanks for the link up.

Karen said...

Every time I read on your posts I'm shoked!! because you have so many great ideas!!!, things that maybe I never think!! So wonderful!!! I will working on it!!!lol.

And yeah, you read my mind....why he's wearing hats and jackets.???? He's in Bermuda!!!!! lol

Drink a super uper HOt chocolate!!!lol!!!!

Mama to 5 said...

what a cute idea! You have such great ideas that you do with your son. I enjoy looking at your blog.

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Kids never cease to surprise us because they are easily excited by things that we take for granted. Seeing the world through their eyes brings great pleasure.


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