Saturday, January 23, 2010

Can You Feel The Love - Part IV

The Happy 101 Award
For this award I am supposed to list 10 things that make me happy. :) That's easy and fun! (I cheated a little and added a few extras here and there)...
  1. The two loves of my life, James & Paul.
  2. Creating anything with my hands.
  3. Thrifty shopping, online shopping... ok, any type of shopping. Even grocery shopping. :)
  4. Music - I love almost any kind of music, but my favorites are classical, jazz, movie scores and 80's music!!
  5. Comforting smells - lavender, beeswax, bread, my cat's fur, rain, paper, coffee, my guys... I could go on and on.
  6. Traveling to and exploring new places.
  7. Spending LOTS of time with my best friend of 17 years, Dana.
  8. Organizing and list-making.
  9. The wooden toys made by Ostheimer & Engleberger.
  10. And, of course, all things Montessori.
I'm passing this award on to...

The rules for accepting this award:
  • Put the logo on your blog (copy and paste it) or within your post.
  • List 10 things that make you happy (this is optional, of course).
  • Nominate 5 (or more) blogs to pass the award on to.
  • Link the nominees in your post.
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Quixotic said...

Yay you! Love the happy list - I agree about the comforting smells things. Mmmmmm.....

Anonymous said...

oo such fun awards! I love making up my own rules for the awards too :-)

The Magic Onions said...

Hi Mari-Ann,
Thank you so much... I'm just honored!
Your blog is wonderful too... I'll be back often.
Blessings and magic to you.

Theresa Mezo said...

thank you SO much for the blog award, I love it! :)

Counting Coconuts said...

You're quite welcome, you lovely blog mamas!

Jen said...

I'm with you about the smells... those are all such good ones. I didn't know you liked 80's music!!! Me too!! I'm learning new things about you all the time. :)
This Dana you keep mentioning, is this the same one you went backpacking around EU with? It's great to have such a good friend like that.
I'll have to google those wooden toys, I wonder if my boys would like them.


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