Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm Baaack!

I had a wonderful bloggy break, and I got a lot done in the evenings (when I normally blog).

  • finished my Craft Hope scarf,
  • made LOTS of fun things out of felt (I'll be posting about these soon),
  • planned a ton of Valentine activities for the next two weeks,
  • got waaaay ahead in my study schedule for my Montessori training,
  • responded to loads of emails,
  • prepped and mailed out all (20!) of the Postcard Exchange postcards,
  • watched the entire 5th season of LOST in preparation for Tuesday's episode (SO excited!)
  • and I even managed to get on the treadmill a couple of times. :)
My hubs also rebuilt my laptop and upgraded everything, so I took some time to get acquainted with my new programs. Oh and best of all - my sweet man fixed my commenting problem!! Yay!!

So, a good week to be sure. Funny thing though... even though I got a lot accomplished, I didn't find my break as liberating as I thought I would. Truth be told I really, really missed blogging and I found myself just writing posts in my head instead. And, as you may have noticed (from Wednesday's post), I couldn't even stay away a whole week anyway. :)

I'm so glad to be back and I'll be posting every day this week to make up for lost time! Hooray!!


Montessori on Mars said...


Deborah Stewart said...

Welcome Back!

Kata Wagner Berg said...

I done like you...blogging in the evening when Sean was sleeping..sometimes good to rest :)

James is very beautiful!

Montessori Moments said...

Welcome back!
We missed you!

Theresa Mezo said...

welcome back!
glad you got so much accomplished, & can't wait to read about your new planned activities! :)

Quixotic said...

Welcome back!! Sounds like you had a great "break" and look forward to reading some more posts!

Kylie said...

LOL well at least you accomplished quite a bit anyway. :)

Leptir (NataĊĦa) said...

Great to see you're back! Thanks for commenting on my blog :-)

Ms Muffin said...

This "posts writing in the head" sounds so familiar! Really strange isn't it? It sometimes really scares me ...


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