Friday, June 29, 2012

Calendar Cards: Ice Cream

Here are some new calendar cards for you to enjoy! For July I'll be using our Independence Day cards, and I'll save these ice cream ones for August, but I thought some of you might like to use these sooner rather than later. :)
Click here to download

Please keep in mind that I format these myself, so they're not perfect, but they'll certainly get the job done. : ) Also, as with all of my printables, these are for your personal use only - please do not sell or offer them in a giveaway. Thank you and enjoy!

~Thank you for your comments!~


Anonymous said...

These are SO cute! I can't wait to use them with my summer unit next year!

The Felted Pear said...

So Cute! Do you get your graphics at Mygraphico?

Anonymous said...

Love this idea! Thank you for sharing. I need to start a calendar and when I do.. I am definitely coming back to your blog for printables!

Amy said...

My daughter is still learning her numbers (the teens and twenty's specifically) and I have been using your printable calendar pieces to make memory games. Thanks!

Jo said...

These are so cute. TFS!

Shaheen said...


I am wondering how do you use these?

Counting Coconuts said...

I'm so glad you all like this set!

TFP: yep, My Graphico rocks.

Shaheen: we really just use them for our calendar. Check out my "classroom calendar" post to see what they look like once on the board. You could certainly use them in other ways - as counting cards in a cards and counters activity, print two sets for a matching game, skip counting. Just remember they only go up to 31, so you're somewhat limited in your counting activities.


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