Sunday, June 24, 2012

Treasure Basket: Brushes

A new treasure basket! This one is called "brushes". :)

Here's what's inside: (note: all of these brushes are new.)
:: Vegetable brush
:: Two small hair brushes - one with soft bristles, the other with firm bristles
:: Blush brush
:: Infant toothbrush
:: Paint brush
:: Nail brush

I should note that I tested all of the brushes first, pulling on them to be sure the bristles/hairs wouldn't come loose. And, as always, I monitored Juliet while she explore this basket.

Click here to read my very first treasure basket post for details on the how and why behind treasure baskets. Click here to view my treasure basket slideshow on the Counting Coconuts Facebook page.
~Thank you for your comments!~


Pretty Things by Laura H said...

Great Idea! My daughter just turned two but would still find this fascinating. Your blog has helped me and my kids bond and learn so much together. I copied a tons of your dinosaur month ideas for my son and now he know more about dinosaurs than I do! Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into your blog. My kid's childhood wouldn't be the same!

Jo said...

My younger son would love this. I may have to make it. Thanks for sharing!

Pati said...

I love this idea. We will make one for sure:)

Counting Coconuts said...

Thanks very much for your comments! Laura, I'm so glad you put those dino ideas to use, and for your very thoughtful comment as well.


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