Saturday, June 9, 2012

Treasure Basket: Blue, Green, & Purple

More colorful treasure baskets! Here are blue, green, and purple:

Here's what's inside:
:: Circle shaped cookie cutter
:: Bristle block
:: Baby brush & comb
:: Foam cylinder
:: Mama-made knitted bird
:: Tiny cup with handle
:: Wooden sphere (from our geometric solids set!)
:: 3 nesting cups

Here's what's inside:
:: Textured links
:: Measuring spoon
:: Foam number
:: Duplo lego
:: Soft piece of fabric
:: Nesting cup
:: Sphere
:: Small silky pillow
:: Large square lacing bead

Here's what's inside:
:: Foam triangle
:: Links
:: Wet felted wool egg
:: Stacking bowl
:: "Hidden" brush - that's the purple thing with the black center - you open it up and there's a mirror and a pop out brush inside.
:: Large mirror
:: Squishy block

Click here to read my very first treasure basket post for details on the how and why behind treasure baskets. Click here to view my treasure basket slideshow on the Counting Coconuts Facebook page.

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Bonne Maman said...

Hello :D

I am one of the newest followers of your blog and want you to know that I love it! You provide so much inspiration and I appreciate it must take sooo much time to sit down and blog about it so that others can benefit.

I created my first treasure basket for my 20 month old this week. Mixed results but i think that was more to do with my choice of objects than anything else. i will try again. I do love the colour theme.

I have posted about this on my blog and referenced your site as my inspiration. Just in case you want to take a look (my blog is about my efforts to raise my daughter bilingually so the post is from the angle of the language learning opportunity a treaure basket can offer) here's a link ://

thanks again :D

Insightful Brain said...

These are so beautiful. You have such a natural talent!

Kyle Sadler


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