Friday, December 18, 2009

A Crafty Kind of Christmas

James has been asking to do crafts lately (!) and since such a request is music to my ears (I heart artsy craftsy stuff) I gladly put together several projects for him...

We used a variety of mediums, techniques and materials to keep things interesting. :)

Snowflake stamping. He had so much fun with this and made several pages of these pretty white snowflakes.

Cookie cutter painting is something I've seen on several blogs and we finally tried it for the first time. What a hit! We used q-tips to make the holly berries.

A funky fingerpainted stocking. MESSY fun!

Painting coffee filters. This was a neat project - use markers to color the filters and then use water and a paint brush to make the colors run together. Such a pretty result, we'll definitely do this again.

We went to a Christmas craft party this week and James and I made a few cute things: a reindeer gift bag, a snowflake ornament, and a photo ornament which was made with a small paper plate and a picture of James.

My favorite project was this tissue paper wreath. Or maybe I just like it because I love this picture of James peeking through it! :)


Anonymous said...

way cute, i have never seen using cookie cutters as stamps. I am going to try this, this week

Elise said...

Such festive looking crafts. I really like the Christmas stocking and the wreath James made.

Christmas is such a wonderful time to inspire so many fun craft activities. I just posted on my blog our Christmas wreath that my three year old daughter made.

Cara said...

Hooray for crafts!! I would be in hog heaven if Finn wanted to do lots of crafts, but he's still on a craft strike. I love all of your ideas, and I'm bookmarking this post. Hopefully I can sneak in a few Christmas crafts in the next few days!!

Jen said...

You're so crafty!! You should open a preschool... seriously.


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