Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some New & Some Improved

I've added/updated a few things on my sidebar and just wanted to let you all know about them...
  • A list of Montessori books I've read and highly recommend.
  • A Google translator for my non-English speaking bloggy friends!
  • A whole slew of blog buttons. I *heart* buttons and am more than happy to do button swap with you - just let me know! You can find my button on the sidebar, too.
  • A visual list of our alphabet crafts, which I add to weekly. You can click on the entire image to be taken to my Tot School posts where you'll find more details for that letter.
  • A copyright notice - there are so many fantastic ideas in the blogworld and it's awesome that we all share these with one another, but let's be sure to give each other credit for them, too!
One thing I'd like to add to my blog is a signature at the end of my posts - could someone tell me how to do that? Muchas gracias!!


Our Little Family said...

I LOVE the new additions and features to your blog. It looks clean and organized and everything is easily accessible.

Oh, and I don't know how to do the blog signature, even though I like it (Gosh, I would love a blog make-over!).

Rusheika said...

Hi Mari-Ann! Seasons greetings! for the siggy check out this post by Mama Jenn.


2 Pequenos Traviesos said...

Hi Mari-Ann! Love your Montessori Books List. Which are your favorite ones? Pick 3 at least.
Your blog looks really nice and cute. How do you make a link to other blogs and sites from your post?

Counting Coconuts said...

Thank you for your comments!!

Rusheika, I'll check out Mama Jenn's post now - thanks for the link!
Evenly, I just sent you an email, but in case anyone else wanted to know what my favorite Monetssori books are, here's my answer... :)

1. Basic Montessori by David Gettman – this book is very detailed and teaches you how to properly present the materials. It also provides an excellent outline of WHEN to present each material.
2. How to Raise an Amazing Child by Tim Seldon – this book is very nice to look at with lovely pictures and quick, easy outlines of various activities.
3. Montessori Play & Learn by Lesley Britton – lots of great ideas for easy to do activities.

Jen said...

This blog is a perfect example of you... pretty, organized, cheerful and helpful! :)

Ms Muffin said...

I am just "wandering" through your blog. I really enjoy it but unfortunately never have the time to read the whole thing at once ... :-) I was wondering whether you figured out the signature thing in the meantime. I am sure I have a tutorial saved somewhere ... if you are interested I can look it up for you and send it to you. (It is not the one mentioned above ... but it might be similar. Not sure. I have not had the time yet to try it myself.)
I also have a question for you. I am trying to figure out how I can make those links that are at the bottom of each post and link to other posts of your blog? You know the one where it sais "You might also like" and gives you three pictures/ links. I could not figure that one out yet ... maybe you can help me? (You do not put those in by hand, do you?)

Ms Muffin said...

Oh nevermind my last question. I just figured it out. :-)

Ms Muffin said...

Here is the tutorial I had saved for creating a blog signature
I have not tried it myself - no time yet. :-/ But saved it for later! Let me know if this one worked for you or whether there are other ones. I really should work on my blog a bit, too ... but at the moment that simply is not high priority. Gotta deal with so much other stuff first. :-)


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